Technology Solution Providers

Tycon Technology is a diversified systems integrator that that provides simplified solutions for everyday business problems. We can supply in-house products and/or consult customers on streamlining their application of systems and technologies.

Please reach out to learn more about our products or discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Carbon Tech

Tycon Technology is global supplier of AGFM Fuel Efficiency & Emissions Control Systems. AGFM is fuel system already delivering 25% reductions in fuel expense and 35% decreases in COx emissions.


Tycon Technology provides remote asset tracking and monitoring services, Our capabilities range from simple GPS vehicle tracking and dashcam solutions to industrial plant and Sacda monitoring systems.

2-Way Radios

2-way radios are still a vital medium for instant communications and efficient workforce collaboration. Tycon Technology leverages 2-way radio communication over cell phone networks for wide area PTT with integrated GPS tracking.

Systems Integration

We work with our clients to deliver end to end solutions for efficient workflow and business profitability. We look at businesses existing systems and integrate bridge technologies to solve business problems.